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Passive Cooler: Airblast Coolers A08 – A12 from ATC – cooling capacity: 8.000 – 12.000 W

They are passive air/water chillers (without cooling system and refrigerant) for cooling process fluids. The cooling takes place purely by temperature difference between medium and ambient temperature.

ATC is the UK’s leading manufacturer of recirculating chillers and temperature control products. From standard products to fully customized systems, ATC can offer you the best cooling solution and temperature control for your problems.

What distinguishes it:

  • Cost-effective operation
  • Can also be used in combination with other coolers. Example: one or more active coolers as an indoor water/water option and an Airblast cooler outdoor. As a result, the heat is efficiently dissipated directly into the outdoor area without burdening the air conditioning system. Furthermore, the noise pollution in the interior is reduced, since no fan evaporator is required for the water/water cooled cooler.

Use for cooling / temperature control of:

  • Inverter
  • Welding torches
  • Hydrogen electrolysis
  • uniaxial press machinery
  • Stamping machines
  • Cooling electronics
  • Material testing
  • Devices for cancer therapy
  • Climate chambers
  • RF generation
  • Testing of engines
  • Roots blowers
  • Cooling of furnaces
  • Asphalt screening
  • Large motors for mixing plants

Relevant performance specifications

Cooling capacity18.000 Watt12.000 Watt
Max. temperature
return line (standard)
+ 60 °C+ 60 °C
Max. temperature
return line (option)
+ 85 °C+ 85 °C
stability at constant load
currently unkowncurrently unkown
Principlepassive air / water coolerpassive air / water cooler
Pump options
and flow rates at
6 bar back pressure
P 10 – 10 l/min
P 17 – 17 l/min
P 17 – 17 l/min
System volume11 l11 l
CompatibilityHexid, propylene-glykol, waterHexid, propylene-glykol, water
Operating pressure rangeup to 10 barup to 10 bar

1 At ambient temperature 10 °C higher than the return temperature of the Airblast Cooler and additional 10 °C heating by the application to be cooled

Other relevant specifications

Weight100 kg100 kg
Size (T x W x H)775 x 510 x 850mm775 x 510 x 850mm
Noise level65 dB (A) 1 m65 dB (A) 1 m
Operating voltage and
maximum power
requirement / for 50 Hz
230 V – 5 A
400 V – 5.2 A
400 V – 6.9 A
up to + 40 °Cup to + 40 °C
Min. inside diameter
of pipeline
12 mm12 mm

Manuals for download:

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